The Winter Club of St. Catharines

Niagara's premiere skating club since 1939

Competition Results

Some of our Skaters recently took part in The Charles Dover Competition in Grimsby on January 4th and 5th, 2014  A great showing for the Winter Club.  Congratulations everyone-we are proud of you!

great skate!

Olivia Spagnoli   Silver  Interpretive  –  placed 1st

Mia Kidd  WO Preliminary Ladies  Restricted  Freeskate –  placed 1st

Gwenyth Preston   WO Level 1 Development Ladies Category   –  placed 3rd

Tatum Bidal   WO Pre-Preliminary Restricted Freeskate  –  placed 2th

Lauren Brooks WO Pre preliminary Restricted Freeskate-placed 5th
Georgina Kosanik Starskate Senior Bronze Freeskate- placed 4th